Tips and Tricks to Make Kids Read More

Parents know the importance of helping their children develop into strong readers. They know that when a child feels good about reading, they can achieve many things inside and outside the classroom. Helping your child become a strong reader does not have to be complicated.

Most parents have read the standard tips and tricks for helping their child read more but may not be finding the success they hoped to achieve. There are more creative ways to help your child become a strong reader – many without even knowing that they are building reading skills.

Find a Series of Books at Their Reading Level

One of the things that made the Harry Potter books so popular is that the children and parents reading these books became very invested in the characters. They wanted to know what would happen next.

There are many series of books that are available for different age groups. There are series designed for first graders through high school that will capture your child’s attention. When they begin following a series of books, they will be excited to keep reading to see what will happen next. It is a simple way to keep them reading and keep their reading skills increasing without making it feel like a chore.

Work with a Reading Tutor

If your child has difficulty reading, it may be beneficial to work with a reading tutor. Working with a reading tutor gives you the benefit of having a teacher that can work one-on-one with your child and bring their special teaching skills to the situation.

Many classrooms are filled to capacity in schools, and getting individual attention for reading help can be difficult for your child. When you have a reading tutor working with your child each week, you are giving your child the personalized teaching experience they deserve.

Read Smart offers reading tutoring programs for children of all ages and reading levels. Your child will love to work with our tutors, and you will begin to see results quickly as their reading levels increase. Visit for more information about our different tutoring programs.

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