Parent’s Role in Developing their Children’s Reading Comprehension

Parent’s Role in Developing their Children’s Reading Comprehension

Parent's Role in Developing their Children's Reading Comprehension

Parents often do not realize how much influence they have over their children’s reading skills. Children, especially when they are small, watch and learn everything from their parents. If they see their parents reading, or if they have story time with their parents, they are more likely to develop a love for reading when they are small.

Parents, however, can help their children improve their reading skills in so many simple ways. They may not even realize that they are helping their children learn to read better. One of the easiest ways to encourage your child to read is to ask them to read a recipe to you while you are cooking.

While your child reads the recipe, you can help them pronounce any hard words, explain abbreviations to them for the measurements, and discuss how the recipe works. Not only are they improving their reading, comprehension skills, and learning about foods and cooking, but they are also having some quality time with their parents. This is the best part of the situation.

You can apply this type of teaching to many different situations. Have your child read your driving directions or the street signs when you are in the car. Have them help you with a grocery list or a to-do list. Little things like this can go a long way in helping your child learn to love to read.

A Library Is A Great Place To Go

Going to the library with your child is also a great way to help improve reading skills. Your child will have access to so many different types of books and at so many levels. They will find something they enjoy reading. Many children do not like to read because they are bored or reading at the wrong level.

When you go to the library, you can make the entire trip a lot of fun for your child. There are many different free programs at the library that your child can enjoy. Getting their own library card is also a big deal for children because it makes them feel grown-up and responsible.

A Reading Tutor Can Help

If a parent believes that their child is still struggling with reading and reading comprehension, it may be time to bring in a reading tutor. Every child is different, and some children respond very well to working with a tutor.

A tutor gives your child a one-on-one learning experience with a teacher. This dedicated attention from a teacher is often not available in school. A reading tutor can also help your child increase their reading level quickly because they will distinguish the right reading level to start at so your child can excel. Having a teacher work with them alone may be exactly what your child needs to start reading well.

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