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We believe students should be taught to read in a way they understand.

Meet Michael and Delight Anderson, Founders of Read Smart

About Us

As an elementary educator, Delight Anderson has seen firsthand how often children show a need for stronger reading skills. That’s why she and her husband, Michael, combined their strengths to create Read Smart. Their innovative, creative, and personalized reading program helps students quickly advance their reading skills.

Delight Anderson earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Oral Roberts University, graduating at the top of her class as the Standard Bearer. She gained experience teaching elementary-aged children in the public school system. As an elementary educator, teaching reading to children brought Delight a great deal of joy and fulfillment. During her years in the school system, she recognized keys that unlock the potential in a child’s ability to master reading skills.

After many years of teaching, Delight identified specific learning patterns and sequences in her students that resulted in:

  • Improved reading skills
  • The pace of reading progress dramatically increasing

Armed with the knowledge of how to improve reading skills, and do it at a rapid pace, Michael and Delight Anderson founded Read Smart in 2008. They felt called to help more students succeed and share this effective reading program with families and teachers. The positive, nurturing, and motivating environment they champion at Read Smart, along with the guided one-on-one instruction by a team of exceptional Read Smart Educators, create a winning platform for students to succeed.

We Help Pre-K – 6th Grade Students Improve Their Reading Skills

If a child is falling behind in reading, the Read Smart program helps improve their reading skills and gain confidence at school. And if a child has great academic potential and wants to get ahead in school, the Read Smart program helps them accelerate their education and prepare for the future with advanced reading skills.

We Help Students Thrive

Read Smart founders, Michael and Delight, sense a calling to help Pre-K – 6th grade students thrive. They are passionate about training students to quickly improve their reading skills so they can do better in school, feel more confident, and get ahead in life. They are fulfilled as they see children blossom before their very eyes by successfully mastering beginning to advanced reading skills.

The Read Smart Goal

The primary goal of Read Smart is to draw out the confidence and potential inside children by cultivating their reading skills.

The Read Smart Mission

The mission and passion of Read Smart is to increase your child’s reading skills as quickly as possible.

What Parents Are Saying

“Read Smart was the key to unlock Ryan’s full reading potential. The one-on-one instruction is unique. They’re qualified teachers, and bottom line…It works! We recommend it to all of our friends.”

– Aubrey


“My kids want to go there. They’re getting that one-on-one attention that they need.”

– Bryan

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