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Our Reading Program | Tulsa

Ready to empower your child to succeed in school and life?

We Help Kids Quickly Improve Their Reading Skills

Many kids don’t read as well as they could. That’s why we’ve created a program that helps improve reading skills.

We help Pre-K – 6th grade students master the skills needed to read at an advanced level,
strengthening the foundation for all other learning.

When Kids Are Strong Readers

They do better in school

Feel more confident

Get ahead in life

Get Customized Lessons to Maximize Learning

Children should be taught to read in a way they understand and have every advantage to get ahead in life.

Using Read Smart’s innovative, creative, and personalized program, your child will be given exactly what they need – on their level and exactly when they need it. Because each child learns differently and at an individual pace, we customize the content of each lesson to maximize learning.

Our Read Smart Professional Educators

1. Assess your child’s current skill level
2. Create an individualized action plan
3. Develop a strategy to meet your child’s specific needs

We Incorporate Activities for All Learning Styles

1. Visual
2. Auditory
3. Tactile

We Help Pre-K – 6th Grade Students

1. Improve their reading skills and confidence if they’ve fallen behind.

2. Accelerate their education and reach their potential to get ahead.

Children Grasp New Concepts When Matched with
the Best Books for Their Current Level

Children should read books that match their reading ability. That’s why Read Smart uses an entire library of leveled readers—books written at specific level, enabling children to build on what they’ve already learned while being appropriately challenged with new concepts. As a child’s reading skills improve, teachers assign them more complex books.

Leveled Readers

Reading books that best match a child’s reading abilityis essential to their reading proficiency.

We Value Constant Communication with Parents

After every session, parents receive updates on:
  • The lesson content
  • Skills their child mastered
  • Where improvement is needed

We welcome questions and feedback from parents!
Our Programs

Program Details

Session length:

One hour

Weekly schedule
for best results:

At least two sessions per week

Program length for
optimal results:

Minimum of 6-9 months

Schedule options:

1-3 sessions a week

The key to reading success is consistency!

Lifelong Rewards Await

Expect to see your child:

  • Increase reading skills
  • Grow in confidence
  • Develop skills for a lifetime

Expect from Read Smart:

  • A nurturing, motivating atmosphere
  • A personal plan for your child
  • Constant communication with parents
Our Programs

“Read Smart took the pressure off, giving my kids goals each week to hit.

I know my kids are on the right track to be READERS for LIFE.”

– Heather

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