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Give your childexactly what they needto get ahead in life!

Catch Up, Keep Up & Excel in Reading

Give your childexactly what they needto get ahead in life

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Serving Pre-K through 6th Grade

How To Get Started With Read Smart Learning



Schedule A Free Evaluation and Consultation

We’ll show you where your child is and where they can go.


Get A Customized Plan

Your child will be given exactly what they need on their level and exactly when they need it.


Choose Your Schedule

Pick the days and times that work best for you!


Celebrate Your Little Reader

Watch your child gain more confidence in their reading skills and get ahead!

Do You Feel Like Your Child Is Not Fully Reaching Their Potential?

At Read Smart, your child will build reading skills that they will use throughout their entire life.

Are Your Child's Grades and Confidence Going Down?

Their confidence will be restored with help from the professional educators at Read Smart.

Does Your Child Dislike Reading?

Trust our reading experts who pay close attention to your child’s every need and bring back their joy for learning.

Give Your Child The Advantage


You want your child to reach their full potential. If they want stronger reading skills or if they are struggling with reading, then give them the advantage with Read Smart!

Strong Readers | Read Smart | Tulsa

Strong Readers

Kids first learn how to read, and then they read to learn. Reading affects every aspect of kids’ lives. When they are strong readers, they do better in school, have more self-confidence, and get further ahead in life.

Quality Teachers

Our exceptional Read Smart Educators are dedicated to seeing your child progress in each individualized session.

Quality Reading Tutors | Read Smart | Tulsa
Reading Success | Read Smart | Tulsa

Success In Life

Whether your child is behind or just wants to get ahead, you will see their confidence soar as they put more reading skills in their tool belt.

Reading Tutor Tulsa
“Our daughter has been going to Read Smart for a few months now and she has improved 2+ grade levels so far. Her confidence has improved greatly, as well.”

– Beth M.

What Makes Us So Different


Read Smart understands that parents want to do everything possible to empower their children with the tools they need to succeed in school and life. The best way that parents can empower their children is to help them develop good reading skills. Good reading skills and retention is crucial to anything your child wishes to achieve.

Read Smart has helped thousands of children improve their reading skills.

Children who begin to excel at reading will also start to find other subjects in school much easier to comprehend. When your reading comprehension improves, it improves for all subject matters.

Our teachers have been specially trained to help children excel at reading. Each teacher will develop a personalized plan to help your child improve their reading skills from the very first session. Each session provides your child with one-on-one attention for the best results. Every session is designed to be a warm, caring, and fun environment for the student.

So call us to get a FREE evaluation and consultation.

You can stop feeling anxious, and instead know you gave your child what they need to get ahead in life!

3 convenient locations - Tulsa - Broken Arrow - Owasso

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