How Reading Can Help Your Child Be More Happy and Healthy

How Reading Can Help Your Child Be More Happy and Healthy

How Reading Can Help Your Child Be More Happy and Healthy

Read Smart makes learning to read easy and fun – like it is supposed to be for all of us! As children learn to read, they are also solidifying important brain functions that will allow them to make friends and move more confidently in society. Here are some of the ways that kids reading equals happiness.

Reading is a Confidence Builder

Children are naturally prone to emulate the sounds of the people around them. They are born looking to communicate! The faster that a child learns to read, the more that child will be able to understand any subject placed in front of him or her. Comprehension is the key to social skills and academic skills, and a child who can read well will excel in both arenas and have a happier life.

Reading Creates Success

Children come across new, uncommon words as they read. Books also expose children to new ideas before they encounter those situations in real life. Both of these characteristics of books help to expand a child’s imagination, increasing his or her ability to grasp abstract thoughts and respond intelligently to new situations in life.

Reading Helps Emotional Intelligence

The experience of new emotions can start with a book. Children learn through reading how people respond to each other. Kids can learn complex emotional topics like empathy and kindness through characters in a book so that they can respond to people in real life in a positive way.

Well Read Children Sleep Better

There is a reason that many parents read children bedtime stories – they are setting the routine that helps to wind their kids down in the evening! Reading books is actually like a massage for the brain, and children who get this mental exercise right before bed usually have a better night’s sleep. There is no modern substitute for reading books to kids – studies have found that electronic screens kept around a child’s bedside may actually create irregular sleeping patterns.

Families Bond Through Books

The bond that a child forms with a parent who reads at night should not stop once a child can read independently of that parent. On the contrary, family reading time has been shown to be a close bonding experience that kids can share for a lifetime with parents. Reading can also lead smoothly into discussions about serious life topics that kids will face as they grow up, and the bonds from childhood will allow the child to open up more to the parent.

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