Struggling Reader? What May Be Missing

Struggling Reader? What May Be Missing

Struggling Reader? What May Be Missing

As simple as reading looks, it’s a complex skill that is vital to master in order to succeed in school and life. When children find themselves struggling with reading, it often breeds frustration in both them and their parents. It’s important to recognize when your child struggles with reading in particular because reading skills impact every subject area in school. Parents who seek the help needed for children with reading difficulties help their children overcome reading challenges and succeed academically.

Reading Challenges Can Be Solved

Parents with elementary aged children in Bixby, Broken Arrow, and the Tulsa Metro area appreciate the practical help Read Smart gives their children.

Many children are frustrated when it comes to reading. They may encounter a difficult word and try to apply phonics rules and sound it out with difficulty. Yet when they see the word again, they often don’t recognize it, and they have to begin all over again to apply the phonics rules and sound it out again slowly.

When a Child Struggles with Reading…

Many parents think their child’s reading struggles are unique to them. The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance states that 65 percent of all U.S. fourth graders scored “below proficient,” which means that they are not reading at grade level. Only 35 percent of fourth graders are reading at or above grade level. Many children struggle with reading. Thankfully, there are answers to their struggles. Places like Read Smart specialize in uncovering the cause of reading difficulties and equipping children to overcome.

What Could Possibly Be Missing?

Symbol imagery is the basis of oral and written language processing. While it’s important to learn reading and spelling rules, as well as how to sound out words, these skills don’t foster the imagery and language connection. They don’t change how your child processes language, so reading may be difficult for them even if they’ve mastered how to sound out words as well as basic phonics rules.

The Facts About Symbol Imagery

Here are some facts about symbol imagery that will help you understand its importance in your child’s ability to learn to read.

  • Symbol imagery is the ability to form mental pictures (images) for the sounds and letters within words.
  • The connection of imagery and language is vital for sounding out new words and recognizing both letters and common words.
  • Students who have strong symbol imagery read well and self-correct.
  • No matter how old a child is, or how long they have struggled with reading, improving symbol imagery will improve how they read.

Discovering what causes reading difficulties is the first step in overcoming reading struggles. Getting your child evaluated can bring insight to the surface and light at the end of the tunnel. Some questions to consider:

  • Does your child have trouble sounding out unfamiliar words?
  • Do they have trouble remembering what they read?
  • Do they struggle with spelling?
  • Do they have trouble reading fluently?
  • Does it seem your child only comprehends part of what they read?
  • Does your child memorize facts instead of building reasoning skills?

Children Need to Learn to Visualize Letters and Sounds Within Words

Read Smart can help them learn to read without the struggle or coping techniques they may have adopted as a result of their reading challenges.

Imagine How Your Child’s Confidence Will Grow as They Master Reading

Read Smart provides a nurturing and motivating atmosphere kids love. The personalized plan designed for your child utilizes a multisensory approach to learning. Read Smart fosters constant parent communication about their child’s learning.

Read Smart Helps Students Overcome and Excel

  • Improve Reading
    • If a child falls behind in reading, we help improve their reading proficiency
      so they gain confidence at school.
  • Excel with Advanced Reading
    • If a child has great potential and wants to excel, we help accelerate their education with advanced reading skills.

Many children don’t read as well as they could. That’s why we’ve created a program that helps improve reading skills. We help students master the proficiencies needed to read at an advanced level, strengthening the foundation for all other learning.

Kids who are strong readers:

  • Do better in school
  • Grow in confidence
  • Develop skills for a lifetime

Read Smart partners with parents in the greater Tulsa area and gives children every opportunity to master reading skills and get ahead in life. Check out our success stories. Get a free reading evaluation today.

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