Importance of Reading for Children at Home

Importance of Reading for Children at Home

Importance of Reading for Children at Home

Encouraging your child to read at home is something that every parent should consider. Reading at home can help your child improve their reading skills and comprehension and broaden their imagination. Helping your child build great reading skills will help them in every area of their lives.

So how do you encourage your child to read at home without it feeling like a chore, or worse yet, a punishment? There are several ways that you can encourage your child to read at home.

1- Read Out Loud To Each Other

Set some time where you and your child can read to each other. Make sure that during this time, you are both committed to the time – no interruptions. Read to each other and talk about what you have read.

Reading aloud to your child allows them to hear how words are pronounced. It also gives them a chance to learn the different meanings of the words by the inflections in your voice. When your child listens to you read, they also have a chance to ask questions.

On the flip side, when your child reads to you, there is a lot of enjoyment for you. You can see how well they are doing and show how proud you are of their reading skills. It also gives you a chance to help them sound out words, explain definitions, and help them discuss what they have just read.

Make this time very special between the two of you so it does not seem like a chore. If it feels like fun, it will be fun for both of you.

2- Explore Different Types of Reading

You do not have to stick to simple stories for your reading time. Change up your reading with books about animals, astronomy, or the ocean. Look for travel books and talk about different places you may want to visit. Look through craft books. Read the directions, and do a project together. Read recipe books for their age level and cook something great.

When you explore different types of reading, you are exposing your child to a larger range of words and concepts. Plus, all of these different topics make reading together fun.

3- Work With a Reading Tutor

If your child struggles with reading, it may be a good choice to consider a reading tutor. If your child responds well to how a teacher works with a class, individualized attention from a tutor may be the perfect solution.

Your child may find that working with a tutor in conjunction with their parents will help them build strong reading and comprehension skills. Many parents have found that adding a tutor to their child’s schedule significantly increases their reading level in a concise time frame.

Working with your child in various ways to increase their reading skills will be a gift that you are giving them that they will use for the rest of their lives. You will be happy with the results you see in their reading level and their other classwork.

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