Sometimes Reading Problems Have To Do With Vision Problems

Reading can be a challenge for any child, but if your child seems to be struggling more than other kids their age, it might not just be a reading problem. It could actually be a vision problem. Many parents don’t think to have their children’s eyes checked for reading difficulties, but that could be the root of their reading struggles.

Here are a few signs that your child might have a vision problem that is impacting their reading ability. If your child has a vision problem, they may squint a lot or rub their eyes often, especially during and after reading or using the computer. They may also experience headaches, dizziness, or even nausea after doing any of the aforementioned activities. A clear sign of vision problems is if your child complains that things are blurry, especially when reading or following along with their teacher on the whiteboard. Often children with vision problems get frustrated when these activities are challenging for them.

Children with vision problems may also have trouble understanding what they read, which is a major part of reading comprehension. If you notice that your child has a hard time figuring out unknown words or sounds out loud, it might suggest that they are having trouble seeing the letters and words correctly. If you believe those vision problems are the cause of your child’s reading difficulties, it is important to schedule an appointment with a local optometrist to get their eyes checked out.

Once your child has had their eyes checked out and gotten glasses, they will probably find that they are able to see more clearly. However, they may still be behind in reading compared to their peers. It is important to make sure that this roadblock does not interfere with their future education so it may be smart to start your child in tutoring to sharpen their reading skills. Here at Read Smart, we customize our programs to meet your child’s needs and help them meet their full potential.

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