Read Smart Learning – Owasso

Read Smart is a fast-track reading program designed to help children from kindergarten through sixth grade improve their reading skills. Founded by professional reading tutors, the Read Smart program has been an instant success with parents in Tulsa and Broken Arrow who have seen significant improvement in their children’s reading skills.

Read Smart is pleased to announce that they are opening a new location in Owasso. The company has enjoyed much success in helping children in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas improve their reading skills. They are launching a new location to expand that assistance into a new area.

The Read Smart program offers parents a unique opportunity to help improve their children’s reading skills through personal tutoring sessions. The program begins with evaluating your child’s reading skills and the goals that you wish to achieve.

Once the evaluation is completed, a customized plan is designed to help your child learn to read better, comprehend what they are reading, and find joy in reading for pleasure. Parents have stated that they have seen their children improve their reading levels in a short period of time, with many children advancing at least two levels almost instantly.

The professional tutors at Read Smart understand how important it is to have a mastery of reading. They also understand children. Some children do not like to read because they are bored. Some are trying to read above their level, so it isn’t easy. Some are reading below their level, so they never get inspired to read more. Our tutors look at how your child reads and base their program on that information.

The tutors at Read Smart also encourage families to read together. Reading together as a family helps show children how important reading is while also creating some special bonding time. This creates an overall good feeling about reading and makes your child want to read more.

Good reading skills are one of the best gifts that you can give your child. When your child can read and comprehend what they read, they can master any subject in school and any project as an adult in the workforce. If your child is struggling with reading, contact Read Smart at any of our locations for a free evaluation.

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