Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read


If you want to help your child learn to read but are unsure of where to start, the following should be of help to you. Reading aloud has always been considered one of the most successful ways in helping a child learn to read. It’s fun for both you and the child also. When reading a book aloud, by using expressions and showing excitement, your child will enjoy it much more.

Next time you sit down to read a book to your child, consider doing the following:

  • Trace the words with your finger as you read. This helps the child understand that each word is important to the story and helps it run together.
  • Alternate your voice when speaking for a person or even an animal. The more you get excited about the story, the more your child will see that excitement and get amped up as well.
  • Let your child see the pictures while you’re reading the text and let them focus on the picture. Explain how the picture relates to the story you’re reading.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your child participate. If repeated phrases are included in the story, let them say the phrase each time it comes about.
  • Explain, with examples if possible, just how your own child’s life relates to the story and its lesson.
  • If your child has a question at any time, stop reading and answer it. Maybe the story has encouraged your child to ask a question or express their thoughts; this is a good thing.
  • Once your child is reading on their own, don’t stop reading to them. Sometimes a child understands a story, especially the difficult ones, even better when it’s read aloud than when reading it on their own.

Reading Tips

As your child begins learning to read, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make it routine to read every day. Bedtime is usually the preferred time for reading to children, but you can choose any time of day.
  • Your child should have their own books in their room to encourage them to read when they like. Make sure they have a comfortable place to sit while they read and easy access to their books.
  • Let your child have a turn choosing the books you read to them. They most likely will have a favorite (or many favorites) which encourages them to learn the words. In time, they will most likely be completing the sentences on their own.
  • Make it a fun learning process. Come up with games to help your child learn different words instead of lecturing them on how to do it.

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