Reading Tutor in Tulsa

Reading Tutor in Tulsa

Reading Tutor in Tulsa

Read Smart offers professional reading tutor services in Tulsa.

Many parents choose Read Smart to strengthen their child’s reading skills through one-on-one tutoring with a professional reading teacher. Whether your child is a strong reader or not, Read Smart of Tulsa can help!

We understand that your child’s reading skills affect his or her entire academic and professional life. That’s why we’ve created a unique reading program that helps kids get ahead and stay ahead.

We start with a comprehensive assessment of 7 key reading areas. We then develop a strategy to meet your child’s specific needs while incorporating activities for all learning styles.

Each session at Read Smart includes one-on-one time with a state-certified reading teacher. Although children can attend from one to three times per week, we’ve experienced the best results when children are able to attend at least twice a week.

Contact us for a free reading evaluation for your child and help them get ahead in life!

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