kids-playingYou probably know that there is more to learning how to read than just memorization. At Read Smart in Tulsa, we teach these 7 key components of reading:

Phonemic Awareness

(The ability to distinguish sounds)

  • Sentence segmentation
  • Rhyme recognition
  • Rhyme production
  • Syllable blending
  • Syllable segmentation
  • Syllable deletion
  • Phoneme isolation of initial sounds
  • Phoneme isolation of final sounds
  • Phoneme blending
  • Phoneme segmentation
  • Phoneme deletion of initial sounds
  • Phoneme deletion of final sounds
  • Phoneme deletion of first sound in consonant blend
  • Phoneme substitution


(The ability to put sounds together to make words)

  • Letters
  • Sounds
  • 44 phonemes
  • Short vowel words
  • Onset and rime
  • Long vowel words
  • Consonant digraphs
  • Consonant blends
  • Vowel digraphs
  • Vowel diphthongs
  • Multisyllabic words-closed syllables
  • Multisyllabic words-open syllables


Hearing and writing sounds, words, and sentences.

Sight Words

Most frequently used words that are read from memory.


Ability to read smoothly at the appropriate speed for a particular grade level.


Understanding the meanings of words that are appropriate for a particular grade level.

Comprehension & Critical Thinking

  • Predicting
  • Main idea
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Sequencing
  • Retelling
  • Context clues
  • Cause and effect
  • Inferencing