Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

It is a fact that reading to your children and storytelling is beneficial to them in many ways. Children who are read to at an early age have stronger language skills, increased imagination, and develop a love for reading.

When and how does a parent start? Start as soon as your child is born, and read stories that will delight your child and give them a reason to think about the story and interact with you.

When they are infants, anything you read will be fine because there is no grasp of words or real language at this time. However, hearing the melodic tone of your voice from your reading will be very soothing for your infant and will help create a strong bond.

Toddlers Love Hearing The Same Stories

As your child gets older and you switch over to books that are at their level, do not be surprised if your child discovers a favorite book or two that they want to be read over and over again. This can be quite boring for parents, but repetition is a learning experience for your toddler.

There is something about the story that makes them happy, boosts their creativity, or just fascinates them. Go with the flow at this point and try to introduce different books and stories in-between repeating their favorite. They will soon want to hear a different story each time.

The Library Is Your Friend

As your child prepares to go to school, their interests will increase. This is the perfect time to start taking advantage of your local library.

The library will have a large variety of books to choose from that will be available at your child’s age and reading level. As they grow, you will find more books that meet their interests. It is also a great place to explore new types of stories and subjects.

The library also offers many different programs for children to enjoy. You can create an entire experience going to the library that will make reading even more fun. Take advantage of storytelling times, art classes, and kid-themed projects, especially during the summer. Most, if not all of these programs, are free, and they will help your child learn to love going to the library.

The library also provides you with a chance to go and explore the reading section for yourself. When your child sees you reading for fun and relaxation, they will want to mimic these actions.

Is Your Child Struggling With Reading?

Even with all of these positive influences, your child may still struggle with reading. The solution can be straightforward. Your child may benefit from a reading tutor. Having a teacher work one-on-one with your child, can boost their reading skills.

Strong reading skills are a gift that will help your child through the rest of their life. When you have good reading skills, studying is easier while in school and working is easier once they begin their careers.

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