Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

It is a fact that reading to your children and storytelling is beneficial to them in many ways. Children who are read to at an early age have stronger language skills, increased imagination, and develop a love for reading. When and how does a parent start? Start as soon as your child is born, and […]

Exercises for the Development of Speed Reading for Children

Speed reading is a skill that anyone can develop. Learning this skill at an early age can be very advantageous to your child. When they can speed read correctly, they can cover more topics in homework, conduct more thorough research for projects in the same amount of time, and build this skill to help them […]

Tips for Your Kids to Excel in Reading

When your child excels at reading, they are opening the doors for their own success. Good reading skills will help them with every subject in school, extracurricular activities, and adulthood. Building great reading skills takes practice. It also takes some dedication by the parents to help the child develop a love for reading. It is […]