Enhanced Reading Comprehension Skills Can Improve Grades In Every Subject

Enhanced Reading Comprehension Skills Can Improve Grades In Every Subject

Enhanced Reading Comprehension Skills Can Improve Grades In Every Subject

There’s no doubt that reading is a critical life skill, but did you know that enhancing your reading comprehension skills can also improve your child’s grades in every subject? That’s right – whether they’re math whiz or a budding artist, developing strong reading comprehension skills is essential to their academic success.

Here’s why: When you read, you’re constantly bombarded with new information. To understand what you’re reading, you have to be able to process and make sense of all that information. That’s where reading comprehension comes in.

What is reading comprehension?

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand and make sense of what you read. It involves being able to identify the main idea, draw inferences, and make connections. When students are able to do these things, they are able to better understand and retain the information they are reading. And when they are able to understand and retain information, they are able to do better on tests and in class. Good reading comprehension skills are essential for your child’s success in school, life, and, later on, in the workplace.

There are a number of ways that your child can improve his or her reading comprehension skills. Here are a few tips that you can encourage your children to employ in their reading:

  • Read regularly
    Make sure they are reading regularly. It is important for students to read every day, even if it is just for a few minutes. The more they read, the better their comprehension will become.
  • Read actively
    When your child is reading, they shouldn’t just go through the motions. Encourage them to pay full attention to what they’re reading and try to understand it. If they have trouble understanding the reading, let them know that you are available to help them figure it out.
  • Read aloud
    Another great way to help your child improve their reading comprehension is to have them read aloud to you. This will help them to slow down and pay attention to what they are reading, and it will also allow you to ask them questions about what they are reading.
  • Make predictions
    Before your child starts reading, have them take a few minutes to think about what they think the text will be about. This will help them to pay attention and focus on the information that they’re reading. Teach them to put the pieces together and predict what is going to happen next in their reading.
  • Ask questions
    As they’re reading, tell them to take note of any questions they may have about the text. Once they’re finished, you can help them find the answers to these questions so that they have a better understanding of the text.
  • Summarize
    After your child finishes reading, encourage them to take a few minutes to summarize what you just read. This will help them remember the main points and ensure that you understood the text. A good way for you to help them with this is by asking your child questions about what he or she just read.

By following these tips, your child can develop strong reading comprehension skills that will help them succeed in school and in life. If they are having trouble reading and/ or understanding the things that they are reading, Read Smart offers tutoring tailored to your child’s reading needs and goals. Contact us today for more information!

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