How to Encourage Kids to Have Good Reading Habits

How to Encourage Kids to Have Good Reading Habits

How to Encourage Kids to Have Good Reading Habits

Parents are always looking for ways to encourage their children to read more. Good reading habits are like any other skill that a child develops in the way that they must be nurtured. If you want to have a strong reader, you need to create ways to encourage reading each day.

Parents are encouraged to be creative when it comes to building reading skills. If children find reading a chore, they are less likely to enjoy anything they read. However, children that have fun while reading will be more easily convinced to read more.

So how can parents encourage children to read without making it seem like schoolwork? There are a few tricks that you can use.

  1.  Have lots of reading material available at all times. Fill your home with books, magazines, graphic novels, and even coloring books with stories in them. Children who have easy access to reading will read more.
  2. Find some fun apps for reading so that they can use a tablet or a phone to read things. They will feel like they are getting time to play on the devices while you know they are increasing their reading skills.
  3. Have them read different things to you each day. It could be a story, a recipe, directions, or even a shopping list. This gives you a chance to interact with your child and gives them an additional opportunity to read something.
  4. Talk about things you and your child have read. Have them go back to the story to find information that you may have discussed. This is a great way to help build reading retention skills.
  5. Encourage them to “find out more.” Does your child have a favorite television show? Have them look it up to find out more information? Favorite place to visit? Same thing. Encourage your child to learn more about things by reading about them.

Encourage them to "find out more"


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