5 Ways To Be Silly With Your Kids

5 Ways To Be Silly With Your Kids

Everyone knows that parenting is hard! But that word “hard”, barely begins to cover all the things a loving parent might worry about on a daily basis. As a parent, it’s essential of course to make money, provide for your family and to be there for every up and down in your child’s day. However, it is easy to get caught up in the game of life but it is a priority to also be a happy family! As some may say, “Laughter is the best medicine“. So, when your children are also feeling the weight of the world on their little shoulders, just have some fun!

Running out of ideas? Here are some ways that you can be silly with your kids and bring laughter back into your lives.

Burping While Talking

It’s certainly not mature, but at this point, neither are your kids! One of the things guaranteed to get most kids in stitches is attempting to speak while burping. You don’t have to have long, extended conversations, but even simple things like reciting the alphabet, or surprising your kids by asking a question while burping—or answering their question while burping—will be enough to surprise, delight and have your kids helpless with laughter.

Using Different Objects In Different Ways

Another bizarre surprise that will keep your kids laughing and enjoying time spent with you, is suddenly using normal everyday objects in unexpected ways. For instance, try putting shoes on your hands and using them as mittens, or take bananas and use them as phones. The important thing here is to take safe items and use them in unexpected, silly ways.


If you’ve ever seen a statue street performer, you will know they are magnets for curiosity and laughter. The same is true in your home! If you’re conducting normal, daily activity, and suddenly freeze, your children will at first be curious, then delight in their “family statue.” Do this at unexpected times throughout the day and you guarantee some silly laughs from your kids.

Take Goofy Pictures

Kids love silly or exaggerated faces and poses, so turn this into a family activity that you can remember forever. Strike silly poses, distort yourself with funny faces, get your kids into the act and take some pictures! This is a great bonding activity that everyone can laugh over and, thanks to the photos; you’ll have the memory of it forever.

Stage A Pillow Fight

The classics remain so for a reason, and nothing is quite as fun or as silly as a pillow fight. Take your kids by surprise and get those pillows flying. You are sure to laugh and smile with a good old fashion pillow fight!

Learn & Laugh Together

Read Smart is dedicated to making sure that your kids get the best possible chance to learn to read in the way that is most effective for them. Every child is different, and our approach to teaching embraces and takes this fact into account. If you want to make sure that your child enjoys the world of literacy, we can help. Contact us and ask us how we can give your children the learning boost they need!

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