Helping your Kids Transition back to School after the Holidays

Helping your Kids Transition back to School after the Holidays

Helping your Kids Transition back to School after the HolidaysHolidays with your kids can create some of the best memories. It is the break from school they get where their growing brain gets to think about nothing but crafts, playing outside and eating food all day long. We know how easy it is to get out of a routine during the holidays & how hard it is to get your kids back into a routine for school. Here are a couple tips to help this transition to be as easy as possible:

Start Waking Up Earlier

I know it is not fun or exactly your ideal morning, but if you start to wake up the kids at their normal school time several days before they go back, even if they stayed up late the night before, this can help create an easier transition when school rolls back around. They will likely have no trouble going to bed on time on days when they woke up early.

Keep Talking About School

Keeping school a topic that is in your conversation often during holiday break is a great way to keep your kids excited to go back to school. Ask they which friends they are looking forward to seeing when they go back and which classes are their favorites.

Keep the Brain Workin

There’s an awesome series of books calledSummer Fit Learning which is intended to help kids maintain over the summer what they learned during the year. The website offers lots of games for a “fit brain,” along with reading lists, book reports and entertaining activities. Even though it’s not summer, you will still find lots of things to keep your kids engaged.

Read Smart

We specialize in helping kids who are behind in their reading skills or who simply want to get ahead with reading. With individualized strategies and a warm, caring, and fun environment, we place kids in position to be ahead for the rest of their academic and professional lives. Contact us today!

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