Learning and Fun over Spring Break

Learning and Fun over Spring Break

Learning and Fun over Spring Break

Spring break brings excitement to the hearts of children from coast to coast. Planning spring break activities ahead of time can create the opportunity for both fun and learning—so kids get the play time they desire, while keeping their minds sharp.

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Here are some fun spring break activities to keep your child learning:


Kids grow up fast, so making memories is priceless. Taking time off work while your child is off school can open up a variety of opportunities to enjoy together. Just as you would plan trips to museums, indoor recreation areas, or special restaurants on a vacation—these types of activities can be planned for the week of spring break. While your children are out of their normal schedules, enjoy some down time together and make memories. Looking back, you’ll be glad you did.


Head out to Gathering Place for some exercise, fun, and great food with friends and family. Gathering Place Boathouse provides awesome activities including art, literacy, and even engineering—for kids! Their board games, reading corner, and toys to play with on-site are not only fun, but also free! And since it’s the premier playground in the state of Oklahoma, your child is bound to have a great time.


Take a day this spring break to visit the Tulsa Zoo. Their Storytime Yoga for kids ages 3-8 is sure to be a hit with your kids. They also provide yoga for both adults and children 12 and over. A day at the zoo with your kids is hard to beat when it comes to fun. With all the exhibits, animals, landscaping, and food, you’re sure to make great memories and provide great learning experiences for your kids simultaneously.


Discover new things together by visiting a local museum. The Philbrook Museum of Art offers breathtaking views in its outdoor gardens. Teeming with springtime blooms like tulips and azaleas, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty and fun this museum has to offer. With indoor exhibits that can help educate your children on some important elements in Oklahoma history, your child will learn and discover new things on a spring break visit to the Philbrook.


Take time to dig in the dirt together and plant a garden with your child this spring break. There’s a certain reward that comes when your child learns to plant, water, and tend to a garden. Learning occurs as he or she sees just how much goes into making fruits and vegetables to enjoy with the family.


Grab some cards, board games, and snacks to make for a great play day together. Laughter abounds when families and friends get engaged in board games.


There’s something special about gathering your children, finding a cozy place on the couch (or a blanket outdoors) and reading aloud. Reading together offers great opportunities to not only enjoy the adventure of reading, but also to casually check how their reading comprehension is going. Ask questions about the books you read together. Pause before turning the pages, and ask your child what they think may happen next.


Grab your bike and children, and enjoy some of the great biking opportunities that Tulsa has to offer. With the River Parks so easily accessible, biking has never been more enjoyable. Take your kids to an indoor pool and have some fun while exercising together. Try something new like rock climbing, or going to a trampoline park. You’ll have fun while getting some great exercise.


Gather your tent, sleeping bag, and some delicious grilling eats, and get away with your children to a nearby lake to enjoy some fresh air and new experiences together. Make a campfire after dark, and roast marshmallows. Sing around the campfire, and share stories of the past with them. Skip rocks on the nearby lake in the daytime, and take a hike in the woods. Rent a boat to enjoy the water, or simply play catch with a football together. Read a book with a flashlight once the sun sets and you settle into your tent.

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