How to Encourage Strong Reading Habits for Children

How to Encourage Strong Reading Habits for Children

It is a fact that some children do not like to read. Most parents, however, would be stunned why their children do not like to read. Children do not like to read if:

* They think that it is a chore or mandatory
* They think it is a punishment
* The subject is something that they are not interested in reading
* They have difficulties reading

The great news is that parents can change each one of these perceptions about reading.

Reading Is Not A Chore

Parents are encouraged to make reading time a special time instead of just a dedicated time slot in the day. Make it a time to read together. Set aside a snack for that time of day to make reading something anticipated. Make it a family event. Anything that makes it seem like a fun thing to do will help your child discover a love for reading.

Reading Is Not A Punishment

Parents who get frustrated with children spending too much time on video games or their phones or computers will tell their kids to stop what they are doing and read for a while. To a kid, this is treating reading as a punishment for playing games too long. Instead, remind them that it’s reading time and don’t refer to too much time on the computer. It does make a difference.

Interesting Subjects

One of the ways to bond with your child is to discover what they are interested in reading. It may be something very different than what you read, and that is good. Finding what your child wants to read will encourage them to read more and help them enjoy the reading time. It will also give them a subject to talk about with their friends and family that is different from other people, helping build confidence levels.

They Have Difficulties Reading

Children that are having difficulty reading will not like to read. It will be a frustrating task, and they will avoid it at all costs. Parents can help their children overcome this issue by:

– Making sure that your child is reading books at the right reading level
– Have your child read out loud only to you so that they can practice on the harder words and understand how these words should sound
– Work with a reading tutor

Working with a professional reading tutor can help your child advance their reading skills and enhance their love for reading. A tutor knows what to look for to discover what may be holding your child back and address those problems with the child and the parents.

Working with a tutor will also give your child some direct one-on-one time with a teacher. This direct attention is a great way for a child to connect with the teacher and be more open to reading, learning, and overcoming any problems that they may be experiencing.

Having good reading skills is one of the best gifts that you can give your child. Strong reading skills can help your child excel at school, at their extracurricular activities, and in the future, at their chosen profession.

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