How a Tutor can Help Your Child Learn to Read

How a Tutor can Help Your Child Learn to Read

How a Tutor can Help Your Child Learn to Read

For some children, reading doesn’t come easy. Maybe the letters look all jumbled on the page, or the child just got a late start in the literacy game. No matter where a child may be, a reading tutor is a fantastic option for any child that needs to learn to read or simply wants to read more efficiently.

What Do Reading Tutors Do?

On the surface, reading tutors all do the same thing: they help kids learn to read. Go a little deeper, though, and you’ll see that reading tutors are all different. When a   into his or her program, the tutor will work closely with that child to determine his or her unique needs and make a plan to meet them.

In some cases, reading tutors work with kids with disabilities. In others, they work with children who are just having some difficulty learning to read and need a bit of extra support.

How Reading Tutors Help Children Learn to Read

For any child who wants or needs to be a stronger reader, a reading tutor can be an incredible tool. Here’s why:

1. Reading Tutors Offer One-On-One Support

One of the biggest challenges facing children who are learning to read is a lack of one-on-one attention. While teachers want to do everything in their power to support their pupils, they have a whole class to attend to, and kids who are struggling to learn to read typically find themselves falling behind. Fortunately, a reading tutor can fill in the gap and help the child get back up to speed.

Regardless of what level a child is currently reading at, a reading tutor will offer one-on-one support to help the child build or enhance his or her reading skills and gain confidence in the classroom.

2. Reading Tutors Make Reading Fun

When reading feels like a chore, nobody wants to do it. For kids, this is especially pronounced. Unfortunately, many readers feel like reading is something they have to do, rather than something they want to do. This can lead to an aversion of the practice and an unwillingness to read for pleasure or assignment.

In these cases, a reading tutor can come in to make reading fun. By gamifying reading and focusing on a child’s strong suits and areas of interest, reading tutors can easily change a child’s perspective of reading and make the process more enjoyable than it was before. This, in turn, can help make children more excited about reading, and ensure they don’t fall behind simply because the feel like the task is all work and no play.

3. Reading Tutors Help Increase Comprehension

Through one-on-one coaching and science-backed methods, reading tutors can work with kids to increase their comprehension of text, and make reading for pleasure more of a reality. When kids understand what they’re reading and can engage with it on a deeper level, they’re more likely to succeed in their reading classes and become lifelong readers after their school training is done.

4. Tutors Increase a Child’s Reading Confidence

In a world where peers and even teachers may be wounding a child’s confidence regarding his or her reading skills, reading tutors can help children feel good about their reading abilities, and understand that everyone moves at his or her own pace. Even if a child isn’t bullied, this increased confidence can be critically important and may lead the child to develop a different outlook on reading as a whole.

Reading Tutors: Helping Children Learn To Read In A Compassionate Environment

Whether your child is a strong reader or a struggling reader, hiring a reading tutor is a fantastic way to support the child’s reading efforts, play up his or her strengths, and make weakness more manageable. Ideal for children at all stages and phases of reading, reading tutors provide the one-on-one attention readers need to survive and thrive in the learning environment.

Most importantly, reading tutors give kids the confidence they need to embrace their own reading journey and learn to love the process, challenge, and task of becoming a lifelong reader.

Curious about hiring a reading tutor for your child? Wondering where to find the perfect match? Contact us today to find out more about our compassionate approach and learn more about our team of skilled reading tutors, who are ready to help your child take the next step!

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