Exercises for the Development of Speed Reading for Children

Exercises for the Development of Speed Reading for Children

Exercises for the Development of Speed Reading for Children

Speed reading is a skill that anyone can develop. Learning this skill at an early age can be very advantageous to your child. When they can speed read correctly, they can cover more topics in homework, conduct more thorough research for projects in the same amount of time, and build this skill to help them with their careers.

There are some simple exercises that you can do with your child that will improve comprehension and increase their reading speed. These tricks are simple to do. Many parents also find that their reading speed also increases when they practice with their children.

Write Down A Few Questions Before Reading

Select a passage that you will practice with for the next several days. Begin by picking a few questions that you would like to have answered. By having a few questions in mind, your child will pay attention to the reading so that they can find the answers. This is a great way to improve comprehension because your child will want to show you that they can answer the questions.

This will also help increase speed because they will be anxious to find the information. It is a reward system – finding answers and getting parents’ approval. It is a potent tool for helping to improve reading skills.

Next Practice The Passage

Over the next few days, you will want to time your child as they read the same passage over and over again. Their reading speed will increase because they already have a basic knowledge of the passage and are just focusing on reading it faster.

Switch The Process

In the next step, you will want to pick out a new passage of text to speed read. Do not pick out any of the questions yet. Just practice reading it and reading it faster over several days. When you think that they have reached a good speed, start your next session with some questions.

Your child will be able to go right to the answers because they have been reading and comprehending the text for several days. This will give an instant reward for them and help them realize that reading retention or remembering what they read is essential.

Make Sure That The Passages Are Not Too Long

You want to give your child a passage to read appropriate for their age and reading level. This way, they will not feel overwhelmed when you begin to work with them on their reading skills. You will only need to devote ten or fifteen minutes a day to this practice so that it does not feel like punishment but instead something to look forward to each day.

Work With A Reading Tutor

If you find that your child is struggling with their reading skills, working with a reading tutor may be beneficial. Reading tutors bring a one-on-one teaching experience to your child. Reading tutors are extremely beneficial to many children.

Helping your child develop great reading skills will benefit them throughout their schooling and into adulthood when they enter their career.

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