Creative Ways To Encourage More Reading

It’s no secret that reading is important. Not only does it improve literacy skills, but it also allows children to explore different worlds and learn new things. However, getting kids excited about reading can sometimes be a challenge.

Here are some creative ways to encourage your child to read more: 

One way is to set up a reading nook in your home. This can be a quiet corner with comfortable chairs or a cozy blanket fort where your child can read without being disturbed. By creating a space dedicated to reading that your child will want to spend time in, they will be encouraged to spend some time dedicated to being curled up with a book.

Another way to encourage your children to read more is to get them their own library card and encourage them to borrow books from the library regularly. You can make this a fun family outing where you and your children go to the library on a weekly basis to pick out books together. By showing them that you are reading, it will prompt them to also want to read.

You could also start a book club with your child and their friends, or even just between siblings. Rotate who gets to choose the book each time and discuss what happened in the book after finishing it. This will help your child get into the habit of reading regularly while also honing in on their social skills.

Reading should be fun, so encouraging your child to read just for fun is another way to encourage them to do more of it. Find books that you both enjoy and take turns with who gets to read. If your child struggles with reading, our programs at Read Smart are designed to assess your child’s current skill level, create an individualized action plan, and develop a strategy to meet your child’s specific needs. 

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