Process of Learning to Read

There have been many studies conducted about how children learn to read. Even now, there are several different theories on how to help children discover written language. All of these theories, however, come down to these three basic steps. 1. Connecting Sounds To Print When a baby is born, its brain is hardwired to start […]

Methods on how to teach children to read

Methods on how to teach children to read

Reading is a skill that must be practiced just like any other skill. There are some great tricks that you can use to help your child learn to read. These tricks are geared towards younger children but can easily be adjusted for older children as well. Start With The Basics – The Alphabet Every letter […]

Ways To Boost Children’s Reading Confidence

Reading skills are something that transfers over into every other area of your child’s life. Having great reading skills can help them with other subjects in school, with after-school activities, and when they are an adult. Building strong reading skills is much easier than you may imagine. Make Reading Part Of Your Everyday Life One […]

Strategies To Increase Reading Influence For Children

It is always beneficial to encourage your children to read for more than just accomplishing a task. Reading for enjoyment helps them learn more about the world, improves their imagination, and builds reading and vocabulary skills that they will take with them through life. How do you encourage your children to read for fun when […]

Effective Teaching Strategies For Reading

Effective Teaching Strategies For Reading

There are many ways that you can help your child excel at reading. Each child is different, and what will help them may also differ. However, there are a few strategies that often work with children of all reading levels and ages. 5 Tips For Teaching Reading at Home 1- Take Turns Reading One of […]

Tips To Help Children Understand What They Read

Tips To Help Children Understand What They Read

Reading comprehension is just as important as the ability to read. There is so much more to reading than just identifying and saying the word they are seeing. They need to put that word into context to understand what it means and how it is used. Reading comprehension is an essential building block for all […]

Why reading at a young age is important?

One of the best things that you could ever do for your child is to begin to read to them out loud at a very early age. Reading at a young age or while the child is still an infant can help the child develop strong cognitive skills, increase their imagination, and give them a […]

Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

It is a fact that reading to your children and storytelling is beneficial to them in many ways. Children who are read to at an early age have stronger language skills, increased imagination, and develop a love for reading. When and how does a parent start? Start as soon as your child is born, and […]

Exercises for the Development of Speed Reading for Children

Speed reading is a skill that anyone can develop. Learning this skill at an early age can be very advantageous to your child. When they can speed read correctly, they can cover more topics in homework, conduct more thorough research for projects in the same amount of time, and build this skill to help them […]

Tips for Your Kids to Excel in Reading

When your child excels at reading, they are opening the doors for their own success. Good reading skills will help them with every subject in school, extracurricular activities, and adulthood. Building great reading skills takes practice. It also takes some dedication by the parents to help the child develop a love for reading. It is […]