Early Childhood: Importance of Encouraging Children to Read

Early Childhood: Importance of Encouraging Children to Read

Early Childhood: Importance of Encouraging Children to Read

Encouraging your child should start long before they enter school. Creating a love for reading can start very early in life by reading to your child each day. Children love to be read to because it gives them a chance to use their imagination. They might not know this because they are so young, but they are “seeing” what you are saying, which is very stimulating for a growing brain.

Listening to you read to them also gives your child the advantage of hearing new words and learning what they mean. It broadens their vocabulary, which will make learning to read and spell when they are in school much easier. Listening to your words and how your voice fluctuates when you read the words also gives your child a basic knowledge of how they are used differently in different situations.

Reading to your child at an early age also sparks a desire to “know more.” When they become involved in a story or a subject in the book, they want you to read more because they want to know more. This is such a great trait to build in your child. Wanting to know more will flow into all areas of their education as they progress through school and life.

Of course, the most important part of reading to your children at such an early age is the bond that you create between you and your child. Reading time will be a safe and secure place for you and your child to enjoy each other’s company and share a book. This feeling of comfort and security will always be associated with reading for pleasure as your child grows.

Early Learning Leads To Lifelong Success

When you help your child establish a love for reading, you give them a tool for lifelong success. Strong readers have it easier in all school subjects because they can read the textbooks easier and comprehend the subject matters. Strong readers also excel when they leave school because they have a strong vocabulary and writing skills that can be used in the workplace.

Boost Reading Levels At Any Age

You can start working with your child at any age. Creating a time to read together at any age will help them learn to love reading and help with their reading skills and comprehension. Let your child see you read for pleasure; it will increase their interest in reading for fun.

If your child is still struggling with reading and you want to do more to help them, consider a reading tutor. A reading tutor can bring a new perspective to learning to master reading.

A tutor provides your child with a one-on-one teaching experience like having your own personal teacher at school. For some children, the teacher-student relationship is very conducive to learning. When you add tutoring to what you are already doing for your child, the result will be a strong reader with great comprehension skills. This will help set your child on a path for lifelong success.

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