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Read Smart specializes in helping kids who are behind in their reading skills or who simply want to get ahead with reading.

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Parent Resources

ReadSmart Ensure Tutoring Success for Your Child

How to Ensure Tutoring Success for Your Child

Your child’s education is a top priority for you. You want to give him or her every opportunity to succeed and that’s why you have opted for tutoring. But you may be asking yourself what more can you do to help ensure that your child gets the most from his

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Reading Can Boost Your Children's Development

Reading Can Boost Your Children’s Development

When your child struggles with reading or reading comprehension, it can “rollover” into other areas of their education. Struggles with reading can even affect their playtime and extracurricular activities. Having good reading skills and comprehension is essential to your child and their success in everything they try. Too many children

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Strategies To Increase Reading Influence For Children

It is always beneficial to encourage your children to read for more than just accomplishing a task. Reading for enjoyment helps them learn more about the world, improves their imagination, and builds reading and vocabulary skills that they will take with them through life. How do you encourage your children

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