Our Teachers

Ms. Trisha

My journey with Read Smart began as a homeschooling mother who needed help filling gaps with my youngest son. We fell in love with Read Smart and how it helped our family so when the opportunity arose to join the team I was thrilled!

Children lay the groundwork for learning with reading. If they can read well then any knowledge they wish to access is available to them. It really does make them “ready for life!” Being a part of those “ah ha” moments and seeing the smiles and joy that come when their confidence rises is such a blessing to me as a mother and teacher. The most rewarding thing is seeing each child’s confidence grow and flourish as they gain tools and understanding that cause them to soar.

I’m thrilled to get to play a part in unlocking your child’s future and cheering on their hard work as they embark on a journey of learning!

Ms. Kenzie

When I learned to read in first grade, my world was forever changed. Reading unlocked new worlds for exploration, discovery and thinking for me. Now, as an educator focusing on reading, I get to change student’s worlds every day! I love teaching because I believe in the power of relationships, the love of learning, and the service of teaching.

My classroom is built on relationships with my students because I wholeheartedly believe relationships are the cornerstone of teaching. I love watching my students blossom into fluent readers that love learning and are confident in their abilities to succeed. As a teacher, my goal is to come alongside your student, champion their desires to learn and grow, and help them reach their goals.

Ms. Brittany

There are so many aspects of education that I appreciate, but one of the greatest enjoyments for me as a teacher is observing the confidence that develops within a child.

When I see that light-bulb of understanding go off, and sparks of joy fill their eyes, because this sacred knowledge is now their own, that is what fulfills me as a teacher!

It’s like watching a window of enlightenment open inside their mind, and for the first time they realize that the possibilities of what they can learn and gain from their education is endless.

As a teacher, it is so important to me to nurture a child’s strengths and encourage them through their weaknesses. My goal is to guide the children in learning to read, but then introduce them to the love of learning!

Ms. Brittany | Read Smart | Tulsa
Ms. Sarah | Read Smart | Tulsa

Ms. Sarah

Hi! My name is Ms. Sarah, and I am a teacher at Read Smart. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach, because it is a ticket to influence children’s lives in so many ways. On the practical level, reading lays the foundation for all other subjects and stages of learning. If the door to reading remains locked, then so does the door to all other academic discoveries, and I get to help unlock that door! I am also a firm believer in the fact that when you minister practically to a child, you then have the opportunity to minister emotionally to them as well. I love the moments where I can pause and speak what they personally need to hear that day, whether it is words of affirmation, correction, or comfort-to name a few. It is more important to me what kind of person they are becoming than how well they are performing. With that said, when a child is thriving on the inside, it flows over into every other area of life, including academics. It thrills me to be a voice of truth and encouragement. So much of what we believe about ourselves is shaped during childhood, so if I have a mouth to speak truth, I plan on using it!

Ms. Molly

Hi there! My name is Molly, and I am a teacher at Read Smart! This job makes my heart so full simply because I get to grow passion in my students by demonstrating it. I get to know their hearts and listen to what makes them excited about life! I do my very best to empathize with every child. I’ve noticed the respect and love it produces. My classroom is the foundation for their dreams, and I don’t take that lightly. Reading is the beginning of a great adventure of success, and I get to be their biggest cheerleader! I can’t wait to meet your family and begin this reading expedition with your child!

Ms. Molly | Read Smart | Tulsa

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