5 Reasons Reading Helps Kids

5 Reasons Reading Helps Kids

Parents want their children to grow into smart, intuitive and creative adults but what tools do you have to get them there? If you said reading a favorite book together, you hit the mark. Reading provides countless developmental benefits to kids. It teaches them how to use their imaginations, to learn proactively and to be curious about the world around them. Consider five reasons that reading helps kids of all ages.

Reading is a Bonding Moment

That one-on-one time with you promises to create a bond that will grow as your child does, strengthening your relationship. Reading together offers you a practical way to have a few quality moments with each one of your children, separate and as a family. Make reading a daily ritual that occurs right around bedtime, so it becomes a habit that you and your child can’t stand to miss.

Reading Enhances Vocabulary

Children that are read to at an early age are exposed to a wider, more sophisticated vocabulary – helping advance their language skills. Language isn’t just about learning the words, either. Reading aloud to your child teaches the fundamentals of language, too, like sentence structure, word efficiency and creative storytelling. This is a critical asset for preschool-aged kids, allowing them to enter kindergarten ahead of the curve.

Reading Fosters Focus

What is your child doing when you read them a book? Sitting and listening quietly – that ability to shut down and just focus on the story is as much a learned skill as speaking or sentence formation. A favorite story is enough to make them want to listen closely and follow along as the characters they love come to life.

Reading Helps Kids Appreciate the World Around Them

Through reading, your child learns about the world outside your family, home, town and even country. You can pick books that expose them to different cultures and diverse ideas, so they develop an appreciation for others. They learn to empathize with people who face challenges they may never know personally. That ability to see beyond their own lives will follow them into adulthood.

Reading Creates a Spark

The love of reading is a gift you can give your children when they are still infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all parents read to their children even when they are newborns because it improves brain development, especially during those first 1,000 days of life. As your child grows older, he or she learns to appreciate the power of a good story.

Reading with you is an adventure your child will never forget and one they will someday share with their own children. Start early, read daily and enjoy that special time with your children.

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