Caring staff who coach kids one-on-one and a proven track record sets Read Smart apart from other reading programs. Whether your child is behind or not, Read Smart can help him or her get ahead in life!

Here are success stories from children who came to Read Smart.

Nicole – 1st Grade


When Nicole’s teacher recommended that she be held back a year, her parents knew they needed to act fast. After comparing several tutoring services they selected and enrolled her in Read Smart in April 2008. Initial testing showed that Nicole was about 8 months behind in her reading skills. She attended Read Smart twice a week and was tested again in November 2008. This time she was reading at a 3rd grade fourth month level. Nicole received an A in reading on her January 2009 report card.


Morris – Kindergarten


Morris came to Read Smart in January 2009. He was reading at grade level but his parents wanted to give him an extra edge. Morris attended twice a week, and by the beginning of September he was reading at a 3rd grade fourth month level. Read Smart has placed Morris in a position to excel for the rest of his academic and professional life.


Thomas – 1st Grade


Thomas was about to be held back a year in school. He was in a special reading class but was still unable to catch up. Thomas’ parents realized that he needed help right away. In January 2009 he began attending Read Smart twice a week. By August 2009, Thomas was reading at a 2nd grade eighth month level. He is no longer in a special reading class and is currently in the top reading group in his class.