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Parent Resources

Process of Learning to Read

There have been many studies conducted about how children learn to read. Even now, there are several different theories on how to help children discover written language. All of these theories, however, come down to these three basic steps. 1. Connecting Sounds To Print When a baby is born, its

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Tips and Tricks to Make Kids Read More

Parents know the importance of helping their children develop into strong readers. They know that when a child feels good about reading, they can achieve many things inside and outside the classroom. Helping your child become a strong reader does not have to be complicated. Most parents have read the

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Reading and Storytelling to children: How to start?

It is a fact that reading to your children and storytelling is beneficial to them in many ways. Children who are read to at an early age have stronger language skills, increased imagination, and develop a love for reading. When and how does a parent start? Start as soon as

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